kinny kijgore new i tunesKENNY KILGORE

1) Blood Moon  1:46 | sample clip
2) Stingray   3:55 | sample clip
3) Long Tailed Cat  4:40 | sample clip
4) Switchblades & Motorbikes  3:31
5) Scufflegrit 3:14
6) The Outside Inn   3:51
7) Fort McBride  3:41
8) A Waltz In Dixie  1:30
9) Nashbound  3:15
10) Chainsaw 3:11
11) Hippopotamus 5:20 | sample clip
12) The Lemmon Blues 3:26 | sample clip
13) Vampire Choir   1:22
14) Lowriders  4:20
15) The Unsung Love Song 5:01

All songs written by Kenny Kilgore
Recorded at Cock of the Walk Studio Kennesaw Ga. – with Jeff Tomei
BAW   Atlanta Ga. – with Jeff Bakos
Treasure Isle Recorders Nashville Tn. – with Sam Martin
Mixed by Jeff Tomei
Mastered by Rodney Mills

Fender Stratocaster/Fender Telecaster Guitars:  Kenny Kilgore
Hammond B-3 Organ/Yamaha Grand Piano:  Clayton Ivey
Fender Precision Bass Guitar:  Tommy Vickery
Ludwig Drums and percussion: Bill Stewart
Adam Schaaf Upright Piano: Bob Page (tracks #8, 12&13)

See the complete list of instruments used on Under the Influence of Rock & Roll

Produced By -Kenny Kilgore and Jeff Tomei
Produced for Supro productions LLC
Artwork & CD Design by Flournoy Holmes

Special Thanks:  Jesse James Dupree and family, Fred Vail, Tinsley Ellis, Terry Spackman, Joe Dlearo and Rick Hinkle.    Very Special thanks to Sheryl Kilgore.

This album is dedicated to Mr. Leo Fender 1909-1991